Church of J’shu Meshikha, The Son of the Living God

ܥܢܐ ܫܡܥܘܢ ܟܐܦܐ ܘܐܡܪ ܐܢܬ ܗܘ ܡܫܝܚܐ ܒܪܗ ܕܐܠܗܐ ܚܝܐ
Matthew 16:16 Shimeun Kepha {Simeon, The Rock} answered and said, “You are Meshikha {The Anointed One}, The Son of Alaha Khaya {The Living God}.”
(The Holy Aramaic Scriptures)

The Meshikhi Faith

Re: COVID-19

God will not allow His children to be destroyed. God can resurrect a person based on the Sacrifice of J’shu. There is no doomsday for the children of God.

The new official home of the Meshikhi, Meshikhi.org is still valid but I could not complete everything due to the critical nature of the subjects involved.

Aramaic database word for word. Aramaic is the language of the Messiah.

Iia (Jja) pronounced eye-ah is God – Ishu (J’shu) pronounced eeshoo is the Son of God

Iia (Jja) is God, Ishu (J’shu) is Lord. There is no other Lord. Lord means “provider of bread” and J’shu volunteered and provided His own life because God cannot die, God is eternal. J’shu was not sent, he volunteered as prophecied in Isaiah, “Here I am, send me.”

English and Semitic – In Semitic it is always a /j/ prounounced as a /y/

There is no book of Revelation in Aramaic. It is a doomsday plan of Satan in its entirety with deep imagery and profound implications that God sent an untold number of superhumans to the Earth to terrorize humans, which is of course, not true. Instead, Satan implemented the Roman Religion over a long period of time that we cannot comprehend, making anything we say pretty much sexual in English in relation to the Bible.

The book of Revelation + The Roman Religion = The Doomsday Scenario that Satan wants everyone to believe.

Revelation 2:9 Synagogue of Satan was the thought planted

Synagogue of Satan was actually implememented.

Revelation 1:7 is another false positive. Around 20 March 2020 I was presented with 2 views of the clouds that appeared to be miraculous. This was to be the Lord arriving with the clouds. It is not true, the Son of God has been ruling since 1914 and will continue ruling until 2034. Just as the days of Noah, 120 years from 1914 until 2034.

Genesis 6:3, Matthew 24:37 Bible time period 1914-2034 C.E.

ܘܐܠܘ ܠܐ ܐܬܟܪܝܘ ܝܘܡܬܐ ܗܢܘܢ ܠܐ ܚܝܐ ܗܘܐ ܟܠ ܒܣܪ ܡܛܠ ܓܒܝܐ ܕܝܢ ܢܬܟܪܘܢ ܝܘܡܬܐ ܗܢܘܢ
Matthew 24:22 And if those days were not shortened, not any flesh would live, but, on account of The Gabaya {The Elect/The Chosen Ones}, those days will be shortened.

This is along with the rest of the book of Revelation designed to make people believe a doomsday scenario. The implications are profound and historic, as it interrupts Satan’s plan entirely. In reality God wants to save as many people as possible. The final year is 2034 so there is lots of time for people to accept God’s love and the provision He has made with the Sacrifice of J’shu. After 2034, they will simply vanish and never exist again, no suffering, no hell, just non existence.

The Way is J’shu Meshikha not Buddah or anything else or anyone else.

There is only one way to God, only one way to be reconciled to God and that is the Sacrifice of J’shu. J’shu said “I am the way, the truth and the life”. No one comes to the Father except through me. This is because the only thing that cleanses sin completely is the shed blood of J’shu.

Jja is God, J’shu is Lord. There is only one Lord, one Faith, One Baptism. J’shu is that Lord. J’shu Meshikha means J’shu the Anointed One, the Son of God and the Lamb of God.

J’shu became KING OF GOD’S KINGDOM in 1914 C.E. Since then He has been invisibly ruling in the midst of His enemies.

Praise Jja! Praise J’shu!

But only have reverence for Jja and only pray to Jja.

Salvation is at hand.



Satan wants us to be competitive. It is his main objective. Love is love, it is not a competition.

Google the word competitive and these are the words that come up related to being competitive:

relating to or characterized by competition.”a competitive sport”

Similar: ruthless merciless aggressive fierce dog-eat-dog cutthroat

Meshikhi are not competitive, we only love. We can strive to be “as good as” someone at what they do, but we do not try to “beat” them. One day I hope to sing as good as Etta James and to dance as well as Christina Aguilera. This is how to think, not to want to be better than someone else.

We want to be bff (best friends forever) with everyone, even that cannot be competitive and maybe especially that. Now you understand how to think.

Love is love, and we all want to love the same amount. With love for God like J’shu and love for people like J’shu. He is our oldest brother in Heaven, and He originated with God, an amazing miracle of new life other than God. He is the only begotten, the very first life other than God Himself, he is “First Light” and you can read about it at Meshikhi.org. Life is to be celebrated, especially that of J’shu. December 25th is the day decided by God only put nothing at the top of the tree, neither and angel or a star. It will be called First Light instead of Christmas. Birthdays are to be a happy occasion also. These are things of the Meshikhi, followers of the Messiah.

We are reasonable about the use of blood, if blood can be channeled directly back into the body during an operation, then that is acceptable. However, stored blood is not to be used. It is scientifically proven to be a problem.

We are reasonable people. If there is anyone who experiences violence or abuse, call the police immediately. Remember that rape victims don’t usually have witnesses. Recall the scripture. “Be reasonable, the Lord is near.”

With love,



in the name of Our beloved J’shu, amen.

J’shu is the name of our oldest brother in Heaven. J’shu was with us for a time on Earth and made our life possible. He was a soldier and a volunteer. Every good quality that we try to have, he displayed perfectly. Now you know a bit more about J’shu, the Son of God.

If Our Father Jja in Heaven could have died for us, He would have, but He is eternal, from time indefinite to time indefinite He is God. Although He has a perfect memory He cannot remember a beginning. Therefore He has always existed. If He has always existed then it is logical that He will always exist.

That is the truth about Jja who is God and J’shu who is the Son of God and Our oldest brother in Heaven. J’shu is the only begotten, the First Light of life other than Our Father in Heaven Jja.

And they only love us.

Love is silent sometimes, but even when it is, we can sense the love of Our Father in Heaven. Now you understand. J’shu worships Our Father and always will and does not want to be God. He only wants to be God’s Son and for people to understand that. And Our Father in Heaven Jja only wants us to appreciate what He had to do to save us and what J’shu accomplished.

It is unimagineable, but true. Faith, Hope, Love and every noble quality that people admire like courage, loyality, integrity and honor were demonstrated by J’shu to the ultimate degree.

To me He is a Knight as well as all of His other titles, but He will always be Our Brother and Our Perfect Example of what it means to be a Human Son of God, even in His treatment of women. He demonstrated Our Father’s love perfectly. We owe Our Father and J’shu very much indeed, don’t we?

If you have understood this you will fulfill J’shu’s greatest wish, that everyone have reverence for Our Father Jja only and love Our Father as J’shu does and only pray to Our Father Jja. That way you will honor J’shu, the Son of God and Our oldest brother in Heaven.

J’shu is King of God’s Kingdom, absolutum infinitum until all is returned to perfection. Then He will return all things to Our Father in Heaven.

This is the truth.

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